Children Help Others

Children Help Others

Congratulations to our Sunday School children, who over the course of two weeks raised $1,001.50 for the “Gifts for Life Children’s Care Package” organized by Episcopal Relief and Development.

Empower communities to help children up to age six thrive and achieve their full potential: care for five moms & their newborns; nurture & nourishment for 12 children; clean water for a family; mosquito nets & training for 10 families; and four savings & loan group memberships.

Gifts for Life Children’s Care Package – Episcopal Relief & Development Website

Under the guidance of Miss Pam, the children raised these funds by baking cookies to sell, doing extra chores around the house and neighborhood, and trading out funny decorations at church for normal Christmas decorations.

Please take a moment to let the children know how proud of them we are and how important their special project was.

— The Finance Committee

UPDATE: Episcopal Relief and Development has DOUBLED the gift so more children can be helped!