What to Expect

What to Expect

Welcoming new people is one of our greatest joys at St. Peter’s. Newcomers arrive at St. Peter’s in all seasons of life; and no matter whether you are coming to church for the first time or have been an Episcopalian all your life, we want to make you feel at home.

When you visit our church, you will be our respected and welcome guest. You will not be singled out in an embarrassing way, nor asked to stand up or to come forward and introduce yourself. You will worship God with us. Just come, be yourself, and join us in worshiping God.

You’ll find that we really mean it when we say that everyone is welcome at St. Peter’s. Our congregation is home to people of all ages who are single, partnered, married and divorced. Some of us are straight and others are LGBT. Some of us work with our hands and others in offices, and some of us are out of work. Some of us came to St. Peter’s when we were new to the Carson City/Dayton/Douglas County area. Some of us came to St. Peter’s when we were new parents, or newly released from prison, or new in recovery, or newly divorced. Others of us simply woke up one day wanting something more and decided to try church. Regardless of where you are in your spiritual journey; and regardless of your religious background, or your beliefs, St. Peter’s will do its best to speak to you, comfort you, challenge you and provide you with a spiritual home.

Visiting a new church for the first time can be intimidating. At St. Peter’s, you’ll be greeted warmly when you come in the door. If you’d like to sit with someone who can show you the ropes and introduce you around, we’ll be happy to arrange that. If you’d like to be left alone to explore, we’ll do that. Our members wear name tags on Sunday mornings, so you can feel comfortable asking questions of anyone you meet. We’ll do our best to learn your name too.

Our Sunday and weekday services are designed to help you begin or continue your spiritual journey. Our educational offerings aspire to give you a deeper understanding of the ways that God is at work in our world and in your life. You can find companionship in our fellowship groups and opportunities to serve the congregation and the community in our service programs.

We look forward to seeing you soon at St. Peter’s.

Welcome to Worship!

All Are Welcome