About Us

About Us

We are a lively spiritual fellowship blessed with the rich heritage of community involvement.

Our Mission

Changing Carson City for the better, one neighbor at a time, like Jesus said.

Our Vision

We are open-minded, inclusive, and intellectually/spiritually stimulating.

To embrace everyone’s sovereign relationship with God, as we welcome all into spiritual growth through Worship, Education, Fellowship, Civic Engagement, St. Peter’s History & Legacy, a Safe & LGBTQ+ Affirming Community

Our Promises To You

  • You will experience spiritual freedom to affect personal and global healing;
  • You will receive support on your journey through our fellowship of love and prayer;
  • You will find a safe place to explore a historic faith and the future of your faith;
  • You will satisfy your intellectual and spiritual curiosity;
  • You will join an inter-generational excitement;
  • You will connect with others and find an inner peace “which passes all understanding”;
  • You will claim your place within the Communion of the Saints!