St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Carson City, Nevada began as an organized Parish on Monday, November 9, 1863, and was incorporated as such under the Nevada Territorial Government. (The Articles of Incorporation are recorded in the Ormsby County Recorders Office, not in that of the Secretary of State). It was incorporated under the title “The Rector and Wardens and Vestrymen of St. Peter’s Church and Parish.”

Except for a period of about 35 years, (1920 to 1957) during which it received help from the National Church’s Missionary Society as an Aided Parish; it has been a Parish since its foundation. Practically all the other Churches in Nevada have started out as Missions; i.e., largely supported by Missionary funds from the national Church.


The first Episcopal service known to have taken place in Carson City occurred on October 19, 1861.  The Reverend Henry O. G. Smeathman, who had officiated at the first Episcopal service in Virginia City the month before, conducted the service. In 1863, the Reverend William Maxwell Reilley was appointed to serve as the first missionary and pastor to Carson City’s Episcopalians.  He arrived on October 29th and set about organizing a parish.  On November 9, 1863, St. Peter’s Parish was organized…


In 2008, the women of St. Peter’s began work on the St. Peter’s History Project.  Our goal is to create and expand our display of historic photographs: former rectors, buildings, and Carson City as we have grown over 145 years together.   This is a work in progress.   Here is a part of our history in photographs of former rectors.  The Very Reverend Jeff Paul was the Rector of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church for 28 years. He was the longest-serving rector…

Surveys and Reports

Historic and Structural Survey St. Peter’s Episcopal Church is Nevada’s oldest surviving Episcopal church building. The handsome Gothic Revival building is notable for its architectural sophistication, stained glass windows, decorative painting, and excellent state of preservation. from a report for The Historic Resources Commission of Carson City And The Planning Division of Carson City In 2008, Carson City retained the services of architect Peter Serafin of Carter + Burton P.L.C., and architectural historian J. Daniel Pezzoni of Landmark Preservation Associates,…