The Next Place

The Next Place

The Reverend Trudy Erquiaga, Priest in Charge at Holy Trinity in Fallon, reads from The Next Place by Warren Hansen about how heaven is a different place.

The first step in listening, learning, and changing is to see that difference is not dangerous.
The second is to be happy and willing to live with uncertainity.
And the third is to rejoice in ambiguity and to embrace it.

Esther de Waal

Out audio challenges begin this Sunday and continue into 2020. Our scripture can be read at this link: Luke 20:27-40 and heard in the recording.

It won’t be anything like any place I’ve ever been. . .
Or seen. . . or even dreamed of
In the place I leave behind.
I won’t know where I’m going,
And I won’t know where I’ve been
As I tumble through the always
And look back toward the when.
I’ll glide beyond the rainbows.
I’ll drift above the sky.
I’ll fly into the wonder, without ever wondering why.

The Next Place by Warren Hansen


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