Sermons from November 2019

Sermons from November 2019

When Night Ends

Father Jeff explores the upside-down world of Jesus with a dramatic reading, scriptural background, and a story about a rabbi who wants to know how to tell when the night ends. Our readings from Jeremiah 23:1-6 and Luke 23:33-43 are read aloud in the recording. Father Jeff shares an excerpt from The Overdue Life of Amy Byler by Kelly Harms in our sermon today… Stop Shouting, Nina. Only the Voice of God gets to use ALL CAPS. Kelly Harms in…

My Friends Brought Me Back

We hear from a participant in C.I.R.C.L.E.S. about her journey out of poverty and despair as an embodiment of the coming age “where all people have what they need, (not what necessarily what they want), …to live full and productive lives as citizens of the globe”, (Father Jeff). Our gospel Luke 21:5-19 is linked here and included in the recording. Every mother does what she can with what she knows…what she thinks is best for you. Maria from C.I.R.C.L.E.S. Initative

The Next Place

The Reverend Trudy Erquiaga, Priest in Charge at Holy Trinity in Fallon, reads from The Next Place by Warren Hansen about how heaven is a different place. The first step in listening, learning, and changing is to see that difference is not dangerous. The second is to be happy and willing to live with uncertainity. And the third is to rejoice in ambiguity and to embrace it. Esther de Waal Out audio challenges begin this Sunday and continue into 2020.…

Imagining A Community

Lord…Protect Me From Myself A prayer gift from Father Jeff Prayer as connection and community is our topic today. Our scriptures on All Saints are Daniel 7:1-3,15-18 and Luke 6:20-31 are linked at the references and included in the recording. I bind unto myself today The strong Name of the Trinity, …. Against all Satan’s spells and wiles, Against false words of heresy, Against the knowledge that defiles, Against the heart’s idolatry, Against the wizard’s evil craft, Against the death…