A few good people doing God’s work at St. Peter’s

Interim Priest

Michael B. Foley

Father Michael has loved the Episcopal Church and other houses of worship since he was a child. He grew up in San Diego where his father served as an officer in the US Navy and then in the City Planning Department of San Diego.   Fr. Michael has degrees in Business Economics (BS, UC Santa Barbara, 1982), Marriage and Family Therapy (MS, Fuller Seminary, Pasadena, 1994), School Psychology (PPS, Cal-State University, Los Angeles, 1996) and Divinity (MDiv, The General Theological…
Vestry Member – Class of 2026

Allison Joffee

A member for 30 years, Allison cherishes the nourishment of the Sermons and the fellowship of the parishioners. In the past she has enjoyed the sermons at St. Peter’s. While there have been struggles with relationships and St. Peter’s finances in the past, the recent changes at St. Peter’s have given her a renewed hope. In addition to the Vestry, Allison is a Lay Reader and Chalice Bearer.
Vestry Member – Class of 2024

Karen Lantz-Feith

A member for 21 years, Karen cherishes the worship service and the feeling of warmth and safety at St. Peter’s. Her experience at St. Peter’s is one of inclusion and respect for all people and beliefs. She felt welcomed the first time she stepped into St. Peter’s. Listening to Father Jeff’s (St. Peter’s former Priest) sermons make her realize she was in the right place. There is something for everyone at St. Peter’s. She feels comfortable and safe at St.…
Vestry Member – Class of 2025

Virginia Malmberg

A member for 7 years, Virginia cherishes the warmth of the people, the meaningful messages and willingness to accept all people. She was welcomed the first Sunday she attended and welcomed back the following Sundays. Her first thoughts were how caring and compassionate the members were. In addition to serving on the Vestry, Virginia is also a member of the Finance Committee, the Memorial Garden Committee and participates in the annual Holiday Bazaar.
Vestry Member – Class of 2026

Hallie Murphy

A member for 26+ years, Hallie cherishes the Episcopal theology and her family history of worship & service in the lovely Gothic space that is St. Peter’s. She experiences God at St. Peter’s through the love, fellowship, worship, teachings, and the times when the parish can learn, eat, and share their stories with one another in preparation for going out into the world to answer Gods call in their communities. In addition to the Vestry, Hallie serves on the Altar…
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